We achieve the highest possible closing ratio.

Do potential members come along, but don’t end up subscribing? Are you looking for a partner offering specific tools?

We ensure that potential members do actually sign up. Not based on some standard procedure – we adopt a way of working that’s right for your gym.

How? We create a clear customer journey. Then we train your staff, so they know precisely what to do at each step of that customer journey. Every prospect is therefore given a memorable experience. The result? He or she wouldn’t consider going anywhere else to work out and takes out a membership with your gym.

To turn sales into success, we provide an assessed four-week training course. To promote a consistently high subscription percentage over the long term, we create a sales manual for your staff.
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Our approach

• Analysis of the current situation
• Development of strategic plan
• Increased number of subscriptions
• Clear customer journey
• Staff training
• Creation of sales manual

Immediately do the retention analysis
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