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Is your gym growing, but it’s still a struggle to hold onto members? Do you have a long list of inactive members? Not really sure how to improve this situation? You’re not alone: retention is the biggest challenge within the fitness sector. We’ve experienced it too. In fact, we’ve made it our job to tackle this in a different way. We can’t wait to get your business processes into perfect shape.

How Keboem works

We increase the conversion from lead to member.

Keboem works according to a data-driven protocol. Our analyses reveal precisely what you’re doing well and what could be better. Our goal? To attract customers, retain them and generate customer loyalty. That’s what we excel at and what drives us.

We offer two services: sales and retention. For best results, choose the whole package, allowing us to fully optimise your internal processes, your customer journey and your team.

Working together with our renowned partners , we deliver a full-service solution. We coach your team actively and intensively. You remain free to focus on what you do best: running your gym.

Trust our numbers: we reduce outflow by 40%.

I also want to increase my conversion

Numbers, data management and KPIs

Keboem works with solid numbers, not by guesswork. Our decisions are based on data management and concrete KPIs. We initiate process-driven and structured change.

Together with our professional partners, we optimise the applications and systems that you use. You probably have many tools already. But you may not yet be using them to best effect.

We show you what’s possible and you can rely on our support throughout. Each week, we discuss progress together and look ahead to what’s coming up.

Focus on the customer journey

We perfect your sales and retention. How? By optimising three aspects of your gym: your internal processes, your customer journey and your team. We don’t rest until we see results.

It’s not enough for your gym to look good. Crucially, internal processes must run smoothly and efficiently too. We provide interdisciplinary advice, involving the entire organisation in the policy and plans for the future. We restructure internal processes around sales and retention.

What’s at the heart of your gym? Your members. Every step of the customer journey has to be perfect. We design a customer journey that fits your target audience and your business. The outcome is a better customer experience, with members receiving more attention, feeling better and staying members for longer.

You have a team you can build on. They are the face of your gym. We train them, so they know what’s expected of them, every step of the way. Once trained by us, every team member contributes to a fantastic customer experience.

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