Our services

Our services

Is your gym growing, but finding it challenging to retain members? Do you have a list of dormant members? Not sure exactly how to improve? You’re not alone: retention is the biggest challenge in the fitness industry. We’ve been there too. In fact, we’ve made it our job to approach it differently. We’re eager to fine-tune your business processes perfectly.

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Our services:


How do you acquire your members? Utilize our proven sales methodology.


After acquiring the members, you must know how to retain them. Did you know that retaining members is up to 75% easier than acquiring new ones?

Our services

That's how Keboem works.

We increase the conversion from lead to member.

Keboem operates with a data-driven protocol. Through our analyses, we precisely identify what you are doing well and where improvements are needed. The goal? Attract, retain, and engage customers. That’s what we excel at, and that’s what drives us.

We offer two services: sales and retention. For the best results, choose the complete package. That way, we can optimize your internal processes, customer journey, and team comprehensively.

In collaboration with our reputable partners, we completely take the burden off your shoulders. We actively and intensively guide your team, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running a gym.

Trust our numbers: we reduce churn by 40%.

Numbers tell no lies

Numbers, data management, and KPIs.

We increase the conversion from lead to member.

Keboem works with solid figures, not guesswork. We make our decisions based on data management and concrete KPIs. We bring about change in a procedural and structured manner. Together with our professional partners, we optimize your existing applications and systems. Often, you already have many tools at your disposal, but you may not be using them optimally. We show you how things can be different and are always here for you. Every week, we discuss the progress and look ahead.

Customer journey

Focus on the customer journey.

We increase the conversion from lead to member.

We perfect your sales and retention. How? By optimizing three aspects of your gym: your internal processes, customer journey, and team. We don’t rest until we see results. Your gym shouldn’t just look good; it’s crucial that internal processes run smoothly and efficiently. We provide interdisciplinary advice and involve the entire organization in policy and future plans. We structure the internal processes behind lead follow-up, sales, and retention.

The foundation of your gym? The members. Every step of the customer journey must be flawless. We design a customer journey that suits your target audience and your business.

This results in a better customer experience, where members receive more attention, feel better, and stay members for a longer period.

You can rely on your team. They are the face of your gym. We train them so that they know exactly what is expected of them at every step. After our training, each team member contributes to a fantastic customer experience.