About us

We are Miron and Moh, the owners of Keboem.

You can rely on our expertise. Each of us has a background in both business management and the fitness sector. Besides our business know-how, we’ve acquired years of practical experience from working in and running gyms.

With us, you can always depend on a tailor-made solution. We optimise your internal processes, your customer journey and your team. Curious how we go about this? Read more about our services!

Only the best is good enough for our clients. That’s why we work with renowned, market-leading partners. We don’t call ourselves ‘Masters in retention’ for nothing. Our clients value our ability to reduce outflow by up to 40%.

Keboem works, thanks to the skills of Moh and Miron. Moh knows everything about business and financial matters. Miron has extensive practical knowledge, particularly when it comes to systems, processes and protocols. In terms of knowledge and experience, they complement each other perfectly.

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Moh Massaal

Moh Massaal is a born businessman. He brings enormous enthusiasm to running a variety of gyms. As a business specialist, he also has a wealth of theoretical knowledge. He loves working at the level of strategy, management and finance.

Moh’s not always stuck in a book, thankfully. In fact, he’s a social creature and enjoys working in a team. If you need a quick thinker, Moh’s your man: with his flexible mindset, he can change gear in no time.

Through Keboem, Moh wants to help the fitness sector improve its internal processes. And as a fellow entrepreneur, he knows exactly how best to support you. By working with Miron, Moh has the space to give his analytical spirit free rein. He achieves impressive results with every team. His upbeat and energetic mentality undoubtedly plays a large part in this.
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Miron Dumitru

Miron Dumitru has had a passion for sports all his life – no wonder he went on to work in the fitness sector. You’d struggle to find a more positive man: he sees opportunities wherever he looks and he grabs hold of those opportunities too. Miron’s work ethic is unrivalled. If possible, every day he sets out to get a little better, smarter and faster than the day before.

Not that this means he’s a lone wolf. On the contrary, he carries every team along with him, thanks to his social skills, empathy and motivation. Miron never does anything half-heartedly, which is why he expects 100% dedication from others.

Miron wants Keboem to support gyms from A to Z. By working with Moh, Miron has time to coach clubs more intensively while still learning more about their business and financial aspects.

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