About Keboem - Masters in Retention

You can trust in our expertise. We both have backgrounds in business administration and the fitness industry. In addition to our knowledge, we have years of practical experience in working in and managing a gym.

With us, you can always count on customized solutions. We optimize your internal processes, customer journey, and team. Curious about how we do this? Learn more about our services! Only the best is good enough for us and our clients. That’s why we collaborate with reputable and market-leading partners.

We don’t call ourselves Masters of Retention for nothing. Our clients appreciate that we can reduce churn by up to 40%!

Keboem works, thanks to the skills of Moh and Miron. Moh knows everything about the business and financial side, while Miron has extensive practical knowledge, especially about systems, processes, and protocols. In terms of knowledge and experience, they complement each other perfectly.

Mission & vision

Helping gyms innovate

It is my mission to assist gym owners and optimize their retention process.

Support from A to Z

Miron Dumitru has been a passionate athlete his entire life – no wonder he chose to work in the fitness industry. You can hardly find a more positive person; he sees opportunities everywhere, and he seizes them. Miron’s work ethic is unparalleled. Whenever possible, he strives to be a little better, smarter, and faster than the day before.

This doesn’t mean he’s a lone wolf; quite the opposite. With his social skills, empathy, and motivation, he brings every team along. Miron never works at half capacity, and he expects others to give their full 100%.

With Keboem, Miron aims to support gyms comprehensively. Through his collaboration with Moh, Miron has the time to provide more intensive guidance to clubs and further develop himself in the business and financial aspects.

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