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We’re working on the future of retention for gyms all around the world. Stay tuned.


Exellence in: CRM Consultancy Retention. Onboarding. Ongoing.

We’re working on the future of retention for gyms all around the world. Stay tuned.

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Training coaches
Our Mission

It is our mission to optimize fitness centers.

40% less churn | 13+ years of industry experience | data-driven improvement

Welcome to Keboem!

.. your partner in optimizing premium fitness centers with the help of Mywellness. We understand that your gym is more than just a fitness space; it is a community of dedicated members striving for the best version of themselves. Discover how we, with Mywellness, can transform your gym and take it to new heights.

You'll see: our enthusiasm is contagious, and our knowledge is profound.

We're collaborating with these official partners:

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CRM Consultancy

We're collaborating with these official partners:

Look at our services

CRM Consultancy

What do our clients say?

It's the clients experience that matters.

"At the end of 2022, we entered into a collaboration with Keboem. We have since extended our partnership for another year. The most noticeable progress has been the awareness among our colleagues (staff), both in terms of customer experience and the operational aspects of the business. With the assistance of Keboem and Mywellness, we have gained more structure and have become even more professional and personal. Keboem has brought awareness to the subconscious of our staff and provided structure. The experience of our customers is even more positive, resulting in our sports club currently having nearly maximum membership."
Marco Kalshoven
Sport en Squashclub Do - it
"Keboem! That's the feeling I immediately had when I met Miron. Driven, enthusiastic, and determined to assist fitness centers in better serving their guests, that's what Keboem stands for. From the very beginning, there has been a strong connection between Tesqua and Keboem. Together, we strive to activate athletes to keep moving through communication and training from our coaches. Keboem is highly recommended for any sports organization aiming for perfection."
Maarten Stuivenberg

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Our Approach

How do we optimise your gym?

We start with a thorough analysis of the current situation. Subsequently, we develop a strategic plan. This plan forms the foundation for the overall optimization of your gym. Our services in brief:

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We’ll perfect your retention and sales!

1. Structuring processes

It’s very simple: your business processes should run smoothly and efficiently. We provide interdisciplinary advice to all departments: from management to sales, from finance to personal trainers. We involve the entire organization in future plans. With our expertise, we structure the internal processes behind lead management, sales, and retention.

2. Clarify customer journey.

Without members, there is no gym. That’s why every step of the customer journey must be perfect.

We design a customer journey that fits your gym and your members. This improves the customer experience. Members receive more attention, feel better, and stay members for longer.”

3. Team coaching and training

You can rely on your team. They are the face of your gym. After our training, they know exactly what to do at every step. Each team member contributes to a fantastic customer experience. With our drive, we get everyone into action!

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