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40% less outflow | 13+ years of experience in the sector | data-driven improvement

Struggling to get a grip on the inflow and outflow of your members at your gym? Want to improve your sales and retention, based on actual data? No problem, we can fix this for you. With our practical experience and theoretical know-how, we’re the top choice to take your gym to the next level. We work hard and we deliver results every time. That’s how our clients have managed to reduce outflow by as much as 40%!

Keboem is unique: we work on the basis of data management and actionable KPIs, so the improvement we deliver is process-driven and structured. We work with renowned partners – together we optimise the apps and systems that you already use.

You’ll see: our enthusiasm is infectious and our knowledge is extensive.
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How will we optimise your gym?

We begin with a thorough analysis of the current situation. Then we develop a strategic plan. This plan becomes the foundation for complete optimisation of your gym. Our services in brief:

Consistent follow-up of leads

• From leads to prospects
• Leads come into our call centre
• Full-service solution

Passionate about sales

• Increased number of subscriptions
• Clear customer journey and staff training
• Creation of sales manual

Robust retention

• Outflow reduced by 40%
• Higher retention from the start of the customer journey
• Interdisciplinary advice

We perfect your lead follow-up, sales and retention. How? By optimising three aspects of your gym: your internal processes, your customer journey and your team.

Restructuring internal processes

It’s very simple: your business processes must run smoothly and efficiently. We provide interdisciplinary advice to all departments: from management to sales, from finance to personal trainers. The entire organisation is involved in planning for the future. Our expertise is channelled into restructuring internal processes based on lead follow-up, sales and retention.

Clarifying the customer journey

No members, no gym. So every step of the customer journey has to be perfect. 
We design a customer journey that’s right for your gym and for your members. This enhances the customer experience, as members receive more attention, feel better and retain their membership for longer.

Coaching and training the team

You have a team you can build on. They are the face of your gym. Once trained by us, they know exactly what to do – every step of the way. Every team member contributes to a fantastic customer experience. Our drive gets everyone mobilised!
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