Transformation Thursday 4

The Power of automation

Higher efficiency, increased retention, and more upsells! In the latest edition of Transform Thursday, we delve into the latest features in Technogym’s Mywellness!

🚀 The Power of Automation Journey:

Fully Personalized Journeys: Discover how the Automation Journey gives you the ability to create fully personalized customer journeys. At the right moment, through the right channel – email, push notifications, or even physical interactions. The control is entirely in your hands!

Efficiency and Savings: Capitalize on efficiency and save on manpower by automating repetitive tasks. Let the Journey do the work while you focus on improving the overall user experience.

Retention and User Experience: Reinforce retention by optimizing every step of the customer journey. The Automation Journey is the key to creating a seamless and engaging user experience that binds members to your club.

Upselling with Metrics: Use metrics to measure the effectiveness of upselling. Analyze which automation touchpoints work best to launch targeted upselling campaigns.

💡 The Power of Marketing Campaign:

Tailored Automated Campaigns: Discover the power of Marketing Campaign, where automated campaigns run based on member segmentation and individual needs. Reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Efficiency and Manpower Savings (Again): Repeat the efficiency of the Automation Journey, now applied to marketing campaigns. Save valuable time and resources while still running targeted and effective campaigns.

Retention and User Experience: Reinforce retention and user experience by delivering relevant content to specific target audiences. Personalize your approach and make your members feel understood.

Upselling with Metrics: Utilize metrics to measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Understand which campaigns lead to successful upselling and optimize your strategies.

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Stay with us and keep transforming. Unlock the future of fitness with Mywellness CRM!

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