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Keboem works with ambitious gyms. To achieve maximum results, we bring in the knowledge of renowned, market-leading partners. With our expertise and tireless commitment, we’ve already raised many businesses in the fitness sector to a higher level.

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In itself, running your club based on numbers is not that innovative. But directing trainers based on numbers related to member interactions? That’s something new.

Keboem filtered out which of our members need more attention and which need less. They achieved this through reporting and expert direction for our managers. Having gained this insight, trainers can robustly and effectively coach our members in what really matters to them.

When we asked Miron and Moh for their help, we hadn’t anticipated that our members would benefit so directly.

Do you want higher satisfaction levels among your trainers and customers heading out with a ‘wow effect’? Then I can’t recommend Keboem more highly!
Yes, I also want higher retention

Gym West Amsterdam

We’ve worked with the Keboem guys for around six months now and we’re 100% satisfied with the collaboration. Miron and Moh took a comprehensive approach to helping us improve our service provision. This enabled us to make the transition from budget gym to the mid-range segment.

For instance, they set up our customer journey and integrated this into MyWellness. They also trained our employees so they could carry out their new working activities. As well as developing our staff, the collaboration is also generating higher numbers of members and increased revenue. We’re excited for next year!
Yes, I also want higher retention


Keboem is voor Lijfkracht een zeer fijne partner, zowel Miron als Des'ree denkt graag mee op zowel operationeel als strategisch gebied. Dankzij de korte lijnen en snel schakelen hebben we zowel bij Lijfkracht een succesvolle heropening als bij Lijfkracht Boutique een vliegende start gemaakt. Keboem gaat verder dan puur leadopvolging en/of retentie, en doen graag een stap extra om ons als partner succesvol te laten zijn. Wij zijn erg blij en dankbaar voor de prettige samenwerking! 
Yes, I also want higher retention

Shape all in

Now that we’re working with Keboem, we finally have a grip on our retention. We were given a wide selection of tools, enabling us to follow our customers online and offer them coaching. At the same time, Keboem set up our system so it’s easy for the trainers to use.

Miron and Moh are great sparring partners and always professional. They think everything through with you and take your ideas on board. Keboem already helped us with retention. Now we’ve asked them to help us plan our next step: an online coaching module. We can’t wait to see if our customers respond positively to this too. We heartily recommend the Keboem guys!

Yes, I also want higher retention

Medico Vision

Miron and I were colleagues for a long time and I always enjoyed working with him. This was within the sales department at Medico Vision. Miron has a unique understanding of how important it is for a gym to attract new members and actually hold onto them.

After he left to start up his own business, we continued working together. At Medico Vision, we had been using the MyWellness program for some time, but only now could we properly appreciate its potential. Their training helped us understand MyWellness better. We were therefore able to radically improve our sales and retention.

Yes, I also want higher retention

Fresh Fitness

Even though we’ve only just started working with Moh and Miron, we’re already delighted with them! They reduce our workload, they work quickly but painstakingly and they really do deliver tailor-made solutions.

It’s great that Miron and Moh know the fitness sector so well, having worked as club managers themselves. They understand what we need and where the sticking points might lie. The guys listen carefully and take note of our input and preferences. They’ve turned this into an action plan to improve our retention.

With their help, we’ll be much better placed to integrate the MyWellness system into our trainers’ and receptionists’ work. Now our colleagues can focus more on results, all our customers get the attention they deserve and customers feel a closer connection with Fresh! The weekly reports enable management to keep the team fully on track and offer support where needed.

Yes, I also want higher retention

Krimpenerwaard en Rotterdam Zuid

We’ve been working on our retention with Keboem for some time now. Our collaboration has always been very positive, given their combination of knowledge and practical experience. Sales used to be our main focus but retention is just as important. Now we have the right tools and knowledge to continue differentiating ourselves in the market. Thanks to this collaboration, that’s guaranteed!
Yes, I also want higher retention


Before our collaboration with Keboem began, we were quite happy with our retention figures. Then Miron effectively walked in and promised us things could be better. Now that was something we wanted to see. We’ve been working with Keboem and Miron for a year now and it’s paid off!

Together we’ve reduced outflow by 100 members. We’re also using our systems and the MyWellness cloud more efficiently. Keboem works in a structured and process-driven way, with weekly reports. This makes it easy for me as club manager to keep the coaches properly oriented towards the right KPIs.

Better still, the coaches love working this way. So apart from retention, we’ve actually improved a lot more. Our internal processes are now very well aligned.
Yes, I also want higher retention
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